Mother’s Day Gift

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
I’ll probably have it for a week
and think of you every time
it makes me stop and sniff

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
there’s a good chance
I will stay in bed more now
and take a little extra time to sleep

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
my nose is running red
I’m coughing up a storm now
this cold is just like you, miserable


Hide and Seek

I drag my self behind me
a suitcase of baggage
I just can’t seem to ditch

eventually I find the time
to build masks
from anything available

I’ll cover my face
and build leaf walls
to hide my heart away

please don’t search for me

Hold Back the Dawn

hold back the dawn
keep the day at bay
and make promises

pull down the stars
like a handful of sparks
and decorate the darkness
with their glistening blaze

hold back the dawn
let the blackness stay

for here in the night
the light of your eyes
is all I care to see

hold back the dawn
for moments more until
our lips find each other
caught in the magic
of the early morning hours


every side an angle
every angle an agenda
every agenda a lie
every lie an opportunity

let’s just leave this unsaid
let’s agree to disagree
let’s not get into this
let’s let lying dogs be

I’m tired of fighting the world
for the the right to my opinion
I’m tired of having to stand
while everyone else is retreating