better to not know what you don’t have, than know what you can never get

they say knowing is half the battle
and that knowledge is power
but I’m convinced that ignorance is bliss
and a fool with a little
is still richer than a scholar with plenty

And I also miss…

I miss the anticipation, the trembling hope of collision, the divulging of secrets and sharing of souls. I miss the healing, when aches and wounds long buried are dug up in desperate attempt to know and be known, and when held so delicately, are resolved, dissolved. I miss the colors, the way the earth suddenly becomes visible. I miss the sounds, as if the whole world has fallen in love alongside you. I miss the expressions, the relaxation around the eyes, the softness in the smile, the intimate joy communicated simply through a look. I miss the beauty, the brilliance. I miss being in love.