Thrown Off

shallow kisses
and midnight wishes
gone with the wind

love is a vapor
caught by sea breezes
and held ransom
in her reefs

and all these shallow kisses
a record on repeat
set to spin till it hits a scratch

we’re thrown off again

The Break

I thought I knew
how to break this
but the only thing
I’ve broken is my heart
you don’t erase easily

would it be best
if I hid myself away
disappearing from
both the highs
and the sadness

I hope to slowly learn
how to live without
the sound of your voice
playing in my head
calling me back
into falling for you again



come and linger on my shoreline
let the tug of the ocean
draw your heartbeat free
and dip your toes in the waves

come believe in love again
on this California coastline
casting away the bitter taste
of broken hearts before

come drench your face in sunlight
golden as it melts the crests
of crashing, laughing waves
and let love take it’s shape


you made me believe in wishes
worth casting into night skies
to ride the tails of shooting starts
giving wings to all the “why”s

you made me believe in dreaming
and seeing what lies ahead
in futures that can leap beyond
the place where we’ve been led

you made me believe in love again
something I had tried to forget
a long lost hope inside my heart
but drawn out despite regret