Sleep Walking

if only I could slip out
silently through the window
softly like a wisp of cloud
to evaporate in the air

if only I could immerse
into the sparkling archway
of the sky’s dazzling embrace
Breathing in mystery and belonging

I was never made for this
earth becomes a prison here
and the sounds of traffic
are like bullet holes in my soul

I am part air, part dreams
and with eyes closed I will drift
to all the places my feet
could never find on their own

Hold Back the Dawn

hold back the dawn
keep the day at bay
and make promises

pull down the stars
like a handful of sparks
and decorate the darkness
with their glistening blaze

hold back the dawn
let the blackness stay

for here in the night
the light of your eyes
is all I care to see

hold back the dawn
for moments more until
our lips find each other
caught in the magic
of the early morning hours