Mother’s Day Gift

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
I’ll probably have it for a week
and think of you every time
it makes me stop and sniff

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
there’s a good chance
I will stay in bed more now
and take a little extra time to sleep

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
my nose is running red
I’m coughing up a storm now
this cold is just like you, miserable

break after break

right now I hate you
I’ll probably hate you for a while
I don’t know the remedy
they say love will always persevere
but what happens
when all the love is drying up
and you’re left without caring

I will forgive you eventually
we’re friends by necessity
and we’ll mend our breaks
and go back to normal
but I’ll love you a little less
until one day all I’ll find
I feel for you inside is hate

Proud to be…

if only they could see
everything they fought for
everything they died for
going up in the smoke
of so many bar-be-ques
parties and drinking
an excuse to stay home

if only they could see
would they still be proud
proud to serve
and still proud to have died?

are we really proud to be American
or is it just the place of our birth
a nice title that we forget to use
except for on hot July days

Right Here

I’m right here
you keep overlooking me
but I’m right here
with a heart burning to love you

you get discouraged
feeling like the beast
in search of your princess
to break the spell

I’m right here
you’ll never see me
but I’m right here
with love like you’ve never known

you question if anyone
could ever love you
just the way you are
and not fear your scars

but I’m right here
begging to show you
that I’m right here
with love enough for all you areImage

Our Roads

you keep coming back
at times when I least expect
you speak my soul’s language
and I’m enchanted again

why are you so far away
you could never be mine
but when you bleed like that
I die a little bit inside

I keep my lips sealed
and I try my best to keep
my distance, aloof
but it’s not an easy thing to do

and every time I look away
I find I’m missing you
but I’ll keep missing you
and wishing our roads intertwined