Mother’s Day Gift

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
I’ll probably have it for a week
and think of you every time
it makes me stop and sniff

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
there’s a good chance
I will stay in bed more now
and take a little extra time to sleep

thanks for the Mother’s Day gift
my nose is running red
I’m coughing up a storm now
this cold is just like you, miserable

The Ever Hungry Void

I’ll creep away and hide
no one will miss me right now
there’s no mouths to feed
no arguments to settle
no complaints to hear out
no pandering that needs doing

the Void has moved on
to a fuller space
one that is not worn thin
or stripped bare of sympathy
and the only prayer I can muster
is that the Void will choose to stay
in that space away from me


I am selfish
I know

but for once
I want to be seen
as broken as I am
I want to be seen
as the one who needs
who hurts
who weeps

her pain looks greater
her failed choices
brought her here
to this place of sympathy

but just once I would like
for my sacrifice
and pain
to be discovered
and not held so silently

I am selfish
I know

but just once
I’d like my life
to be about me

Sleep Walking

if only I could slip out
silently through the window
softly like a wisp of cloud
to evaporate in the air

if only I could immerse
into the sparkling archway
of the sky’s dazzling embrace
Breathing in mystery and belonging

I was never made for this
earth becomes a prison here
and the sounds of traffic
are like bullet holes in my soul

I am part air, part dreams
and with eyes closed I will drift
to all the places my feet
could never find on their own