away from me

the response I give
to you

the effort required
to make you understand
wearies me

I only let you so close
not because I’m afraid
but because you are desperate
to find a flaw
in my independence

I say things
that I don’t really mean
or that I only half mean
in order to stay you
away from my heart
away from my thoughts
away from me

Hold Back the Dawn

hold back the dawn
keep the day at bay
and make promises

pull down the stars
like a handful of sparks
and decorate the darkness
with their glistening blaze

hold back the dawn
let the blackness stay

for here in the night
the light of your eyes
is all I care to see

hold back the dawn
for moments more until
our lips find each other
caught in the magic
of the early morning hours

Doubting Thomas

I used to have faith,
I used to believe
that You could do anything.
But more importantly
I believed that You would.

Too many heartaches
and I am struggling
to accept You at your Word.

How can this be Your best for me?

Did I somehow veer off
missing the boat
and Your plan along the way?

Obedience is in place
but the heart of the matter
is drowning in doubt.
I’ll love You
but trusting is another thing.