every side an angle
every angle an agenda
every agenda a lie
every lie an opportunity

let’s just leave this unsaid
let’s agree to disagree
let’s not get into this
let’s let lying dogs be

I’m tired of fighting the world
for the the right to my opinion
I’m tired of having to stand
while everyone else is retreating

Misuse of a Four Letter Word

put those words away.
You never knew how to wield them
and you only serve to distort them.

stop pretending,
love is an action
and not a sting of pretty words.

allow me to drift away.
You never really wanted me
only the face that was attached.

The Break

I thought I knew
how to break this
but the only thing
I’ve broken is my heart
you don’t erase easily

would it be best
if I hid myself away
disappearing from
both the highs
and the sadness

I hope to slowly learn
how to live without
the sound of your voice
playing in my head
calling me back
into falling for you again



come and linger on my shoreline
let the tug of the ocean
draw your heartbeat free
and dip your toes in the waves

come believe in love again
on this California coastline
casting away the bitter taste
of broken hearts before

come drench your face in sunlight
golden as it melts the crests
of crashing, laughing waves
and let love take it’s shape

Song and Dance

let the silence commence
it’s easier to pretend
words are only the conduit
of understanding
and wouldn’t we rather
keep our perceptions?

I refuse to push
and you will never pull
so we’ll stand here quiet
with the line slack
now and then glancing
across the gulf

and we’ll stay like this until
one of us breaks in weakness
and then we’ll begin
this whole process over again
only I might start to grow weary
of all our pointless song and dance