Man Made

there’s a good chance
that I took all my imagination
and wove it into my expectations
of who I think that you could be

then again, maybe not

you tend to get everything right
from the songs that move you
to the words that flow out
of your brilliant creativity

but it doesn’t matter

real or imagined you are
the anomaly that confounds me
a puzzle I’ll never piece together
and the dream just out of reach

On Me

I’ll say it’s all on me
I try not to think of you
I try my best to pretend
that you never spoke those words
and I never reciprocated
I try to hate you
but I don’t think I ever can

it’s not your fault that you
couldn’t do what you couldn’t do
but it still hurts inside
to think that it just wasn’t worth it

I’m not sure if you’ll always be
the one that got away
or the one that I could never have
or the one that could never
get past the heart of the matter
the one that chose to give up

on me


I wipe these words
from my tired lips
no one heard my cry
and I remain silent
is there inspiration
hidden in these skies
darkened by the absence
of the sun of light

I’ll stand alone tonight
wondering how long
these eyes will remain vacant
of anything that gives hope
or any sign of life
but I refuse to be afraid
for nothing given away
returns again void

Silent Treatment

there are so many ways
you could have hurt me
you could have told me
that you didn’t care at all
you could have pushed me
away and out of your life
you could have said
that you didn’t have the time
but instead you chose to tell me
by refusing to speak at all
and I’m left in this silence
wondering what I’ve done
wondering why you’re running
wondering how it’s so easy
for you to simply act
as if I don’t even exist