Friendly Strangers

I delete half the words I tell you
before you ever see them
funny comments or simply hello
most erased after a second thought

we’re the best at not speaking
if there are secrets that we share
we make sure to keep them far enough
away from the heart of the matter

we acknowledge in glances unseen
and you speak in thinly veiled metaphors
I pretend not to notice and
you seem to like it better that way 

Wayward Wind

I don’t even know my own heart
so lost I have become
someone I don’t even recognize
all I ever wanted was love
and now 

now all I can do is fear
I am so lost
the way home has become dust
blown to cover the earth
I am entangled
in webs of my own making
I know not how to love
for I am the void
I am the cavern
always hollow and howling
around the edges for something
to fill my emptiness

and they come
over and over they come
and I fell them like trees
watching their tears
with tears of my own
yet subtle apathy

I am the wind uncatchable
without enough substance
to hold within arms
they grasp at me
and yet I fly


she is breaking inside
crumbling at the cracks
falling apart slowly
and he never notices
he sees the wear
and weariness
but can’t fathom
the cause of the symptoms

she bears it well
smiling as if commanded
keeping up appearance
for appearance sake
and he just assumes
she’s happy here
what else is to be thought
she’s never said otherwise

one day he’ll awake
and she’ll be gone
lost between
the floorboards
like the dust caught
in a sunbeam
she was only really seen
by the ones who cared to see