break after break

right now I hate you
I’ll probably hate you for a while
I don’t know the remedy
they say love will always persevere
but what happens
when all the love is drying up
and you’re left without caring

I will forgive you eventually
we’re friends by necessity
and we’ll mend our breaks
and go back to normal
but I’ll love you a little less
until one day all I’ll find
I feel for you inside is hate


Figment of my Imagination

you don’t exist

I’ve tried my best
to believe
that if I hope enough
you will materialize

but you don’t exist

only in my mind
hidden beneath
every single dream
whispered in my heart

you don’t exist

figments of imagination
only dissolve
in the light of morning
so you disappear

you don’t exist

yet I’ve seen you
enough times
to still feel a thrill
every time I drift to sleep

but I know…

you don’t exist

How Long is That Road

how long is that road
the one you keep searching
hoping it will relieve your senses
and bring you closer to love

how long is your journey
the one that takes you far away
in hopes that what you need
lies buried in foreign soil

how long is this ache
going to stay in my stomach
knowing you’re out there searching
for things I can never give you

What do I know Anyway?

what do I know anyway
seems I only do my best
to make this little mess

what do I know anyway
I still don’t understand
can’t wrap my head around
the idea of love

what do I know anyway
I haven’t changed a bit
and can’t get over it
I’ll never grow up

what do I know anyway
seems no matter what I do
that piece of me breaks through
and I end up the fool