Right Here

I’m right here
you keep overlooking me
but I’m right here
with a heart burning to love you

you get discouraged
feeling like the beast
in search of your princess
to break the spell

I’m right here
you’ll never see me
but I’m right here
with love like you’ve never known

you question if anyone
could ever love you
just the way you are
and not fear your scars

but I’m right here
begging to show you
that I’m right here
with love enough for all you areImage


Our Roads

you keep coming back
at times when I least expect
you speak my soul’s language
and I’m enchanted again

why are you so far away
you could never be mine
but when you bleed like that
I die a little bit inside

I keep my lips sealed
and I try my best to keep
my distance, aloof
but it’s not an easy thing to do

and every time I look away
I find I’m missing you
but I’ll keep missing you
and wishing our roads intertwined

Wandering Mind

constrains hold tight
but they can’t touch me here
so I’ll keep fighting
I want the passion
the fire of desire
of fulfilled yearning

no piety here
I can’t breathe beneath
the six feet of religion
holding me down
this is my small slice
of heaven’s mercy

and here I want to bite
one more taste of the fallen fruit
I’m fenced in on every side
but they’ll never control me
they’ll never have every piece
of my wandering mind