I Already Know

torn is too small a word
for the way I separate
mind warring over you
sides clearly drawn
you think you’re so clever
hiding secrets
behind teeth that show
too much through your smile
I’ve known of her
for a long time now
and my tears have fed
the ache of my soul
if I leave
I know bits of me
will always stay tucked away
in the folds of your hands
but the walls
are pressing in
too close to breathe
and the sky keeps getting darker
and I’m afraid I won’t forgive you
if I don’t leave now
and just keep holding out
that you’ll learn to love me
you’ll never love me
not in the way that I need
not in a way that I can see
or feelย or know is real
and so I sit here stoically
wishing you’d stop smiling
and wanting just to tell you
that I already know

This was written as the female perspective to a lovely work by Nitin called If You Only Knew. He is an amazing writer and I encourage you to check out his blog.


6 thoughts on “I Already Know

  1. Beautiful! I love the way you have collaborated the poem with ‘if only you knew’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Superbly written!

  2. Beautiful words! I originally saw the male perspective on “If You Only Knew” and am so happy that I found this version on your blog! You’re a very talented poet and I look forward to reading more! ๐Ÿ™‚

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