Open Eyes

open eyes
open wide and don’t let go
ride the sunset until it shows
across your face, the highs and lows
and dreams won’t scare you so

yell your hopes
tell the world it’s not the end
don’t be too scared to hit the “send”
and say what you wanted to tell him
just remember to breathe out and in

take the leap
you won’t know until you try
drink the deep purples of the sky
it’s just a case of live or why
and in the end you just might fly


You could find me
on a day like today
wandering the coastline
and wondering
how does the world keep moving
to the beat of time
when all the best things
are frozen moments
and memories

will life ever be
as good as it was
or will I keep chasing the sunset
with the feeling that in its last rays
lie the remains of my heart

Silence is Golden

today you haunted me
frightening my second thoughts
lingering like an unwanted shadow
lurking behind every pair of eyes

I keep trying to forget you
and all the mistakes you tripped me with
but it’s hard when I hear the rumors
that you’re still out there on the pursuit

the day is sighing with long looks
from a golden sun slowly sinking
and the air feels fresh again
as if to peel your markings off my skin

so I’ll let the evening soothe me
in a way that you never really could
and once again I’ll put you behind me
drowning out your desperation with silence


she’s one of those
worn out, burned out
she looks her age
and then some

and no can tell her
what to do

she’s one of those
that wears her scars
instead of her heart
on her sleeve

she’s lived too much
worked too hard
loved too much
loved the wrong ones
and gone too far
and all she has to show for it
is the weathered look
on her face

but oh, she is a woman
she’s been abused
worked over
built up
and torn down again

she’s stood in the eye
of a hurricane of life
and survived

and behind those tired eyes
lies a heart of gold
and stories upon stories


you grow dark
and I grow cold
even the summer skies
search out the light
of morning’s breaking

the currents
of this ending
have been pulling at me
and I am relieved
to let myself drift away

what were we
but doomed
pretenses and lies
and over rehearsed lines
strung like daisy chains

I’ll mourn you
like Saturdays
just as soon forgotten
and wasted more often
but still missed