Only the Rain

falling out of love hurts
there’s no more to look forward to
even the littlest things
that would make you stop and smile
it fades away and resolves back into
a monotonous wash of grey

the sun only stares
the blue skies seem to mock
as birds who once sang your love songs
now grate on broken nerves

only the rain understands
as it tosses itself to the ground
to run gently over your shattered hopes
soothingly caressing your face
as if to say “I know your pain”

He Sleeps

he sleeps
as she slowly slips away
eyes go blank
as she dives into secret dreams

she dreams
of escaping this prison
and even the tears
feel warmer against her cheeks

but her cheeks
have weathered so many storms
what’s one more
and he sleeps on as she weeps


it’s just as I suspected
time changes nothing
only etches these lines
deeper into my face

someday I’m going to do something
someday I’m going to surprise them all
someday I’m going to refuse this
and no longer breathe these toxins

I may not be the strongest
but this heart can carry
a world of hopes and dreams
and I’ve stood against the wind

someday I’m going to let go of these tears
someday I’m going to fight back
someday I’m going to see the sun rise
someday I’m going to feel alive again

words break my heart
and seduce me still
but I cannot fall again
not after all the times before

someday I’m going to stop regretting
someday I’m going to fight my guilt
someday I’m going to see life as good
someday I’ll find the strength to be myself

someday myself will be good enough for me


The tunes of lonely
come back to me
as I close my eyes
and breathe it in

I’ll let go of dreams
and set them free
watching and wishing
that I could tie
a string around their wings
and let it drag me
to safety beneath
the ocean blue skies

but the tides of the sea
still pull at me
insisting that I keep
my feet from carrying
my hopes to join my dreams
earthbound I remain
earthbound I will always be


we hovered
breaths suspended
over miles of desert
and mountain ranges

You splashed colors
for me to admire
drew stars from the heavens
to place within my hands

I trailed my fingers
through luminescent sands
as You formed galaxies
to place in my hair
and I found myself
finally at peace, at ease
staring at the night sky
as we transcended this world
You and I